whale watch faq

At Newburyport Whale Watch we want our passengers to be prepared and well educated on what to expect when traveling with us and our fleet. Below are a few things we recommend all our guest to get familiar with before their Whale Watching excursions.

Always dress accordingly | Be keen and check the weather conditions for your scheduled trip or call the shop and ask for the expected forecast. On average the temperature is 10-15 degrees cooler depending on the distance to the viewing grounds. An extra jacket or rain gear may be desired.

Sun Protection | During the season, even on cooler days, the sunlight is intensified as it reflects off the water. At NWW we advise the use of sun screen and hats during your morning and afternoon voyages.

Motion Sickness | If you or a passenger in your party is prone to motion sickness it's not a bad idea to invest in medication to prevent it from occurring. This can be purchased here at our boat or at several common pharmaceutical drug stores. Taking one the night before and one the morning of you trip, tends to do the trick.

Gratuities | Our trained crew is one of the key components that keep our trips running smoothly day-after-day. Our crew depends on the generocity of our customers to earn a living; similar to waiters and waitresses. There is a lot of behind the scenes duties that are performed by our staff to keep our boats clean and well stocked for every departure, as well as the knowledge and education provided throughout each trip by our talented Naturalists. So please don't forget to recognize their hard work and ambitions.

General Questions:

Are the boats Handicap Accessible?
"Our crew does the best they can to assist handicapped and wheel chair bound passengers on board. Our pier and ramp make it easy to gain access to our dock, and the crew help make it possible to get wheel chairs and disabled passengers safely on board. Please call ahead so our crew will be ready to provide extra assistance."

Do I have to make a reservation?
"Reservations are highly recommended, especially from our passengers traveling long distances. This way if we need to cancel the trip for any reason, we can call our customers to inform them of the cancellation and offer to reschedule." Book Online or Call to Reserve your Trip | 978 499 0832 or 1 800 848 1111

Is there food and beverages on the boats?
"Yes. The boat features a full galley that serves breakfast, lunch, snacks and beverages for the duration of your trip. Our vessel also includes a heated cabin, booth seating for dining, as well as restrooms."

Can we bring alcohol on board?
"No, you may not. NWW has their own liquor license, and offers a simple selection of choice beers and or liquors for nearly all trips and cruises." Note | You must be of Massachusetts legal age with valid I.D to purchase and consume alcoholic beverages on board.

How long will it take to get to the whales?
"It all depends on where the whales are that day! Sometimes it takes just 30 minutes, some days they could be closer to 2 hours away. The whales are constantly moving around the Gulf of Maine in search of food. We always do our best to find whales as quickly as possible so that we have plenty of time to spend with them."

What kinds of whales will we see on our trip?
"Our most common sightings are Minke whales, Fin whales and Humpback whales. However, being that these are wild animals moving around the entire Gulf of Maine, we never know exactly what we will come across. And even if we saw certain whales on the morning trip, it doesn't mean they'll still be there during the afternoon trip."
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